• 10th Dec. 2020, zoom, Participating in the Research Workshop: “The Anti-Refugee Machine: A Framework for Refugee & Migration Studies”, presenting the paper ‘migration, racism and bilateral agreements’, arranged and funded by
  • 22-23 Okt. 2020, Copenhagen, Conference participation at the ‘Borders, Subjectivity and Iconoclasm’ with the paper ‘biometric ambiguities: registration for better and for worse’ arranged by the Border work research programme, DIIS
  • 6th 2017- mar. 2019: PostDoc, Project: Biometric Border Worlds:
  • 2018 – March 2019, Spring 2015, Fall 2014: Coordinator of the research group ‘migration and social mobility’, Institute of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen
  • Present: Member of the research group: ‘Politics and Migration’, Institute of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen
  • 1st 2016 - 3rd Mar. 2017: Recearch Assistant, Biometric Border Worlds Project
  • PhD Lunch Coordinator, Institute of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen, Fall 2013
  • Speaker and discussant: “The lived experiences of biometric registration among refugee communities”, at the workshop: “Deconstructing Biometric Refugee Registration” hosted by the Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford, 15 Jun. 2018:
  • Lecture,”Somali refugees: migration paths and experiences”, Milan IES Abroad, Milano for American University students, 9th Apr. 2018
  • Speaker: ”Flugt”, Den antropologiske vinkel, organized by Dansk Etnografisk Forening, 29 Nov. 2017:
  • Speaker: ”Securing the Future? A tale about security and uncertainty among migrants and tech-developers” with Kristina Grünenberg, research seminar at REMESO, the Institute for research and migration, ethnicity and society, University of Linköping, Sweden, 18 Oct. 2017
  • Discussant: “Life in Limbo. Thwarted mobility and aspirations among refugees and migrants of the Balkon route”, organized by Centre for Advanced Migration Studies and Danish Refugee Council/Mixed Migration Platform, 22 Sep. 2017:
  • Speaker: “The fragility of co-fragility”, at the workshop: “Fragile Formations”, A University of Copenhagen & UCLA workshop on co-fragility, UCLA, L.A., USA, 14 Jun. 2017
  • Speaker: “Doing fieldwork in Milan. Border technologies and the transit of Eritrean and Nigerian migrants: discussing two research projects”, workshop organized by ESCAPES at Universita Degli Studi Di Milano, Department of Philosophy, 26 Apr. 2017:
  • Lecture: ”Somali refugees  and the reception system in Italy and Denmark”, IES Abroad, Milano, for American University students, 23 Mar. 2017
  • Panel convener and speaker: “Did you get your fingers taken?’ – Somali migrants in transit and their encounters with  biometrical technology”, panel: “Technologies, bodies and identities on the move: migration in the modern electronic technoscape”, the European Association of Social Anthropologists’ Biennial Conference in Milano, Italy, 19-23 Jul. 2016
  • Speaker: “In the Search for a future – Youth migration from Somaliland”, workshop: “Exploring Migratory Dynamics from the Horn of Africa”, Hosted by the Refugee Studies Centre and the Horn of Africa Seminar Series, University of Oxford, 17 May 2016
  • Speaker: “At least I would die trying: The notion of ‘luck’ in the borderlands of Turkey and Greece”, two-days’ workshop: “African Refugees and Migrants at Europe’s Doorstep”, Duke University, 7- 8 Mar. 2016
  • Speaker: “At least I would die trying: Somali migrants and the notion of ‘luck’ in the borderlands of Turkey and Greece”, American Anthropological Association, Denver, USA, 17-22 Nov. 2015





  • P1 Morgen – Migrant experiences (30th Jul.2015:):!/


  • “Is EU’s food policy in Africa in general part of the reason why migrants from both East and West Africa migrate?”  With a focus on particularly the policies and practices of the EU and the international society in general concerning fishing in Somalia, I argue how dumping toxic waste, practices of illegal fishing and not paying reasonable prices for the fishes caught risk forcing Somalis to starve, become pirates, to use the boats and skills for other illegal activities such as smuggling, or to migrate (2nd Aug. 2017):


  • 55 minutes: I explain what it is that Somali women and men flee from and what they go through during their flights. I also argue, that EU’s attempts to stop migration by upgrading border control making it more difficult for people to enter Europe will not stop the flight of people. Instead, it will increase the loss of human lives as the motivations for fleeing is still very much alive (25th July 2017):


  • Morgen: I discuss whether men and women are aware of the risks that are involved in migration and if so, why they still choose to migrate  (21st Apr. 2015):


  • ”Migranternes livsfarlige vej mod Europa”, with Line Richter (16th Jul.2014):


  • ”Flygtninges ret bliver krænket” (29th Mar. 2014):


  • ”Hellere Dø på Havet end at blive i Afrika”, with Line Richter, (Oct. 2013):


  • Interviewed by a journalist at Berlingske Tidende, I argue how Somali refugee’s desperate flight from war and insecurity continue when entering Italy, where they, despite achieving refugee status in Italy, live on the streets, sleep in the parks and survive by eating food provided for free by the churches. One of their only options is to continue to move and seek asylum elsewhere, making use of desperate methods such as attempting to erase their fingerprints by burning their fingertips with flat irons (30th July 2017):


  • Commenting on the consequences of EU migration management initiatives for migrants and the experiences of migrants in Libya and Italy, (17.07.2018):


  • DR2 Dagen - commenting on experiences of migration, in the studio with Martin Lemborg-Pedersen, (27 Oct. 2016).


Podcast, 2015:

  • Commenting on the experiences of migration og-ned-i-flygtningedebatten




Speaker, Kongens Lyngby Rotary Klub, ”Somaliske flygtninge/immigranter i Europa/Danmark”/ Somali refugees/migrants in Europe/Denmark”, 3rd Oct. 2017


Speaker, ”Tilbage er håbet?”, the Danish Refugee Council’s Evening School, Godsbanen, Aarhus, 4th Apr. 2017


Speaker, “Flugten til Europa”, DFUNK, Øst for Paradis, 3rd Feb. 2016:


Speaker: “Somaliland, migration and refugees on the move” – 100 pupils, Operation Dagsværk, Middelfart, Denmark, 6th Sep.2015:


Panel Discussant, “Return to Somalia” event, Husets Biograf, by Afrika Kontakt: “Screening two documentaries, ALIYA'S STORY by Ruhi Hamid (2013), and ADAM AND ABDI'S STORY by Patrick Wells (2013), followed by a short discussion on youth empowerment and gender equality in Somalia. Our guest speakers are Mahamed Aden Ali (Politikens Akademi) and Anja Simonsen (PhD fellow at KU)”, 13 Apr. 2014


I wrote an article for the Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat’s ‘Voices on the Move’ series: “I went without a single penny”: